We’re excited to present a curated weekend of business-savvy workshops from some of the most influential voices in the bath and body world! Each presenter is a seasoned expert in their field, and we can’t wait for you to get cozy and enjoy both a delicious dose of southern hospitality and their morsels of actionable wisdom. With an eye towards delivering fresh, actionable insights from pillars of the industry, we invite you to join us in the Atlanta metro area next spring for an unforgettable weekend of education, networking, and fun designed to propel your business forward!

The World of Clean Beauty

Presented by Sarah Villafranco, MD of Osmia Organics

Clean beauty is experiencing explosive growth in the beauty industry—and that's a good thing! In this conversation, I'll review which ingredients are actually harmful to our health and that of the planet, and I’ll give some guidelines for how to make informed choices when it comes to your products. We'll cover greenwashing, conscious packaging, resources, and brand transparency. Above all, I hope you’ll leave the session feeling excited about the amazing ways in which you can make your brand cleaner, and how your decisions and a few small, thoughtful changes can make our fragile world a much healthier place to live.

NAVIGATING THE NEW LANDSCAPE OF WHOLESALE: Faire, Tundra, Instagram, And The Next Big Thing

Presented by Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting

The wholesale landscape is rapidly changing, and creative brand owners are struggling to stay ahead of the curve. In years past, sales reps, trade shows, and cold pitching were the most common avenues for connecting with shopkeepers. But those methodologies are expensive and often inefficient. And now? Well, now they’re outdated, too.

Modern buyers are searching for innovative ways to connect with new brands, and there’s a whole host of tech companies who are eager to help them. Faire and Tundra are battling head-to-head for the attention of shopkeepers and Instagram has become one of the preferred discovery methods for savvy shopkeepers.

In this wisdom-infused workshop, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each of these avenues. I’ve exhaustively researched each platform, speaking with brand owners, buyers, and tech executives to deliver objective insight to help you discover which platforms are worth your time and how to make the most of them.


Presented by Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting

Many of us are trying to price our products while blindfolded, effectively playing “Pin The Tail On The Pricing Strategy.” That’s a recipe for frustration- and it leaves good money on the table, too. If you’ve been using tired pricing formulas or charging less than you know your products are worth, then this thought-provoking workshop will turn everything you know about product pricing on its head.

Successful pricing strategies are one part math, one part finance, and two parts psychology. In this all-new workshop, I’ll reveal how brand development and pricing strategy are intimately linked. We’ll dissect several creative products to understand how those brand owners command a coveted, premium price point and build legions of loyal fans in the process. We’ll stretch far beyond the simple math of production costs to unlock the stories people tell themselves when they interact with our brands. Finally, we’ll learn how to craft those narratives via powerful images and stories that get our profit margins safely in the black and position our companies for serious growth.

Attendees will leave armed with new ideas, actionable strategies, and a complimentary copy of my forthcoming book on pricing strategy for creative, product-based businesses.

How to work with influencers and have influencers work for you

Presented By Lisa Fennessey of This Organic Girl

Have you been left frustrated after trying to work with an influencer? Have you ever sent out product only to see no return? Or maybe you are wanting to work with an influencer but are unsure of what steps to take? Do you wish more people knew about your awesome brand!? Then this talk is for you!

Influencer marketing is on the rise with a projected 10 billion spent on influencer marketing by 2022 and that’s because almost all consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement. But it’s not just the stats speaking. I have been working with brands for just three years and have generated over $1,000,000 in total sales revenue for these brands through affiliate partnerships alone.

This experience has taught me that working successfully with influencers is all about relationships. The relationship between the brand and the influencer/blogger and the relationship that influencer has with his/her audience are paramount. Vet your influencers for this and you will be winning.

I’ll teach you how to cultivate a small but mighty team of people who really believe in your product, who can increase awareness, reach a new audience and drive some serious sales.


Presented by Gwen Jimmere of Naturalicious and Pamela Booker of Koils By Nature

For many of us, landing an account with a major national chain is the stuff dreams are made of. But what does that actually look like? How do you connect with corporate buyers? Who pays for the samples? Do you get paid up front? If not, how do you finance the first big order? What equipment can help you scale up? What does the pricing structure look like? What do the contracts entail?

Join Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting as she moderates a panel discussion with two titans of the industry: Gwen sells her Naturalicious products into Sally Beauty and Ulta stores nationwide and Pamela struck a huge deal with Target for Koils By Nature. Together, we’re rolling up our sleeves to give you a rare peek into the world of national chains. Get your questions ready, too, because we’re spilling alllllll the tea and answering the two most burning questions: What would they do differently, and would they strike those same deals again?


Why You Need an Email Marketing Strategy and How to Build One

Presented by Natasha Murphy of Nicely Built

Level up your email marketing strategy in this workshop with Nicely Built Principal, Natasha Murphy. You’ll learn the basics of email marketing and discover actionable tips to increase subscriber, improve click rate, and increase conversion metrics.

Brand Photography: working with a photographer to translate your brand into gorgeous visuals

Presented by Melissa Schollaert of Melissa Schollaert Photography

Whether you are launching a new business, rebranding, unveiling a new website, updating your head shots or need to create new marketing content throughout the year, you will need to work with a brand photographer to create custom imagery for your products. This presentation will cover everything from how businesses use brand photography to when you need a brand photographer. We’ll explore the process of selecting and working with a photographer from start to finish on a shoot. Our discussions will also include how photography can help you attract your ideal clients, ideas for creating content that coordinates with your marketing plan, as well as my top tips for creating a successful shoot. So if you have worked with a photographer in the past or you are booking your first shoot, I’ll give you all the tools you need to know in order to book the right photographer who will tell your brand story through visual imagery.

How to set up the perfect display to highlight your products

Presented by Holly Port of Lotion Bar Cafe

Join me as I share tips and tricks for creating the perfect display that will highlight your products! It may seem self- explanatory, but there are lots of elements to think about when putting it all together. I will go over things such as making the most of your available space, lists full of every miscellaneous items you might have not thought of, and all the in-between! There may even be some bonus content and a checklist for you to take home! So come ready to get inspired, bring all of your creative ideas, and get ready for some new ones.


Presented by Rachel Taylor of Fig & Flower + 2 other local wholesale buyers

If you’ve ever been anxious about how to approach a shopkeeper, worried that you’re being overly aggressive or professionally awkward, or wondered what in the world you should say when pitching your work, then grab a glass of sweet tea and settle in! Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting cultivated more than 1500+ wholesale accounts for her apothecary brand, and she’s putting that experience to work as she moderates a panel of top-tier buyers to deliver best practices, insight about wholesale etiquette, and insider strategies.

Lela will have her own roster of juicy questions, and she’ll be collecting yours, too! Join us for a unique opportunity to peel back the curtain on the often-mysterious world of wholesale and get focused, quality insight about how to tango with the buyers that serve as the gatekeepers for those accounts you’ve been coveting.